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mho1000 wrote a review about Livermore Casino in Livermore, CA

bad floor management

This is very small and old casino which is fine for me, but the floor whose name is "Rhea" really kills this place. She can let the player holding the poker seat and go play on the blackjack table for more than 45 minutes, no matter these is long waiting list! It is only because she knows this player well.
Last time I walked in and saw an open seat, I asked her if there was seat available, she said I would put you on the list and never called my name. Until I figured out no body was waiting for that open seat, she just explained "oh, I thought you got the seat already". Again this is a very small place and only one spread table there.
On the same day, the dealer missed my action and she also committed was her fault, but Rhea came over yelled at me said "You should act quicker than the player followed you"! And her attitude is so rude. This totally doesn't making any sense. I came to this place more than 20 times in last several months because of near by my place. After today, that's it. I will never come back! Good Luck Guys!

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