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Poker Tables:
9 Tables
Mon Open at 11am, Tue-Sat 24 hours, Sun close at 2am
Superknit1337 wrote a review about Livermore Casino in Livermore, CA

Great local place to play

Very good poker room. It's a bit dated and the bathrooms need more "hourly cleaning", but the games are full of action. They have your typical limit and no limit (spread limit) games with about 2-4 tables going for Holdem.

They have some high hands going for a 6 hour period plus a bad beat Jackpot, your $1 does contribute to the jackpot fund.

Dalers are good and friendly; the floor does it's job and is nice to new players so I would play again.

There is a small bar with seats for patrons and the food looked good; next time I will try it.

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