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rsmiller334 wrote a review about Livermore Casino in Livermore, CA


I have only been there once to play the tournament. The first hour of the tournament players get unlimited rebuys which builds a big pot for this who cash out. However it really isn't poker since you can push people out of the pot. At the end of the hour players are allowed to rebuy and add on enough chips so they're not low stack. The tournament really starts after the add on are done.

I was move to a different table right before I would have been big blind. They located me next to the dealer giving me six hands before having to post a blind. I've seen other card rooms move the players so they end up in the same position as the table they were move from. This helped me, however the blinds were about 1/4 of the average stack and would have taken 1/2 my chip if I had to post blinds back to back.

Once I was at the final table the game kept getting interrupted by players wanting to make a chop deal. The dealer and manager did not keep the cards flying. The chop was over 500 however it wasn't really poker.

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