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Chance wrote a review about Magic City Casino in Miami, FL

Good poker in a rundown room

The place was busy when I showed up at 4pm on a Wednesday and I got right onto a $2-5 table. The game was a mix of older and younger players of different ethnicities and there was no real rhythm to the game which is atypical in my experience. Like most of the $2-5 games you enter later in the day there was a lot of money on the table. Players were just as likely to make a big raise with suited cards as they were big pairs. And it was nothing to see 3 or 4 callers for every 4x pre-flop raise. It was honestly just the kind of action you want to see playing poker.

The downside of Magic City is that it's dumpy. It reminds me of a large storage room with windows. The fluorescent lighting could not be worse. The tables are old and ugly. The whole place should be re-imagined. I had heard that they have lost money to Hialeah and it doesn't surprise me. Although the competition is almost exactly the same, the atmosphere couldn't be more different between the two properties.

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