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Daskato wrote a review about Magic City Casino in Miami, FL

Lots of action, but not like you think

This place is a smaller location which I didn't mind at all, seems nice enough, semi updated, etc. Dealers were all very friendly, good at their jobs, management was very active too.

Players are where my rating comes into effect. The range of players here is nonexistent as it was purely just throwing money in and seeing where it would go. To some thats a dream and others it ruins the game. Hands like J-2 off suit, 2-4 off suit, 10-3 off suit, K-4 off suit are examples of people who went all in preflop for $300-$500+....and won. Since they won, they believe that's a winning strategy and keep imploring it.

Those that actually play the game, have personal strategies and like play a legit game, I don't know that this is the right spot. For me, this seems more like a trap situation. You may get lucky to trap some idiots and you may get busted by them somehow getting there on the river in a hand they never should have called, let alone raise all in with.


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