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chulapro wrote a review about Magic City Casino in Miami, FL


Pluses - Good Dealers, nice people at tables, food good taste and value
Minuses- 2-5 buyin 200-500. If you have 750, not allowed to change tables, reason (so players can win their money back. I suggested make it 1000 to not change tables, answer, NO.
Also, if you get up, supposed to be only 2 orbits, then they pick you up.
Truth, I got up for restroom just before blinds, 11 hands later (13 minutes), I come back 18 minutes later after being same table/seat for 4 hours to find I got picked up.
When I asked to show me rules posted as I ALWAYS respect Poker Room's rules, I was told, not posted, we can do anything we want to any time.
I had read their sheet of rules. Had played over 30x by then, but never knew those rules.
Illiana makes the rules there. They have these same stupid rules from long ago just starting out. Never changed nor will consider changing rules to match growth to different room dynamics.
BTW I am a Business Consultant that owns Small % of Poker Training Company and very experienced player.
Never had one problem in any poker room anywhere.
At Hard Rock, they told me I am nicest player there.
The employees are very nice people.
The rules are not logical.
There was one name on waiting list, 4 talbles for 2-5, and after 4 hours, I'm picked up in 14 minutes.
They have rules Ive never experienced nor even heard of in any poker room anywhere, and they won't disclose them in writing?
Some other players I know believe they are protecting the 'regulars', though I would not represent that belief myself.
So, beware of this room. You never know what to expect. The management can and does whatever they want to.

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