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PayoffWizard wrote a review about Muckleshoot Casino in Auburn, WA

Biggest and Best in Auburn by Far!

Muckleshoot Poker Room:

1. You can find a game going almost 7 days a week.
2. There is good action 2-3 days a week.
3. Chairs are comfortable and there are plenty of big screens with your favorite games going all day long.

1. Regular's - Very obvious angle shooting/Rude to Fish/Critical of what they consider poor play.
2. Rake - $5/$1 for Bad Beat Jackpot that is slowly disappearing before your eyes.
3. Jackpot is paid on all games besides "mixed games" however the lion's share of the promotion get's paid out at the 4/8 tables and then get's eaten alive by the rake. So if you are playing spread limit in the room you are subsidizing 4/8 and 3/6 player pool and increasing revenue for the room.
4. Table Change/Must Move - Firstly, if you are reading this know that you are NOT required to "must move" you can pick up your chips and get back on the list for the same game after waiting 30 minutes or you can go sit in a different limit game while waiting.
Table Change - You can get on the table change list but it's more like a table selection list with "certain regs" getting their pick of the litter.

5. Breaking Tables - Look around games are breaking when they are 6-7 handed consistently. Why is this? Regs/Teams/or just bad table management. Make up your own mind.

In the end... some go here to play poker and grind. Other's are playing chess and some are playing checker's. Anyway you look at it as players you must demand a poker environment that helps grow the player pool and thus allowing poker to thrive.

Dealers - 8-10 amazing dealers in this room! There are a lot of dealers that are unprofessional and rude to players. Tip based on job performance not pot's. Also, keep a close eye on mucked cards and hand shuffling. Shuffle Master to be used at all times.... Watch this closely. All in all as I said... great dealers here but there are a few that need a closer look.

6. Food service isn't great... food is below average... water is free. Smiles are not!

7. Management - I can't say there is any b/c there is no accountability and ruling are not made based on rules or standards but on situational and personal preference. Why have rules if this is the case.

Overall, Muck's get's a 4/5 simply b/c of it's proximity to I-5/405 and the only other room that can compete with them is north of Seattle by nearly 45 minutes.

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