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lookout! wrote a review about Muckleshoot Casino in Auburn, WA

Dying a Slow Death

The Muckleshoot poker room is a perfect example of what happens when a poker room is run by casino managers and accountants (not poker room managers) who really have no experience running a poker room. And who, If the truth be told, would rather just shut down poker completely and turn the room into space for more slots.

How is it possible that two much smaller card rooms (The Palace and Fortune), who don't have the backing of a large casino, routinely have more poker tables running and have bigger and better promotions than the Muck's poker room?

The primary reason is because the Muck's poker room floors, dealers and shift supervisors (who do an excellent job) are not listened to by casino management. The floors and dealers interact with their players on a daily basis. They hear what the players want and they know what's important to them. And yet when the card room supervisors make suggestions to their casino management I'm guessing they get ignored. After all, the bean counters know best.

So, Mr. Bean Counter, take a look at your poker room. It's dying. Your dealers are sitting in their break room twiddling their thumbs wondering how they're going to survive. Sure, you're busy on Thursdays and Sundays when your promotions match Fortune's, but the other five days of the week you should be embarrassed at how much dead space you have in the poker room.

Like so many of your former regulars, who used to be there five or six days a week, I'm taking my 3/5 game to Fortune. Yes, that's right, Fortune now has 3/5 spread seven days a week. You see Fortune can move quickly when they see an opportunity. And when they saw you bungle your card room promos, they knew they could pull in some of your 3/5 players.

And now it has come to this. All of this could have been avoided. Your poker room could be thriving like it was years ago. Your poker room, which is actually a terrific venue, could be known as the premier place to go play poker in the Puget Sound. But it's not, and in fact now it's considered a joke in the Northwest poker industry.

"The biggest and best in the Northwest."
No, not any longer.

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