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fish chips

I agree with the last post that was written. I was involved in a really large hand with the gentleman that Mucked his cards. I made a Very successful bluff on the river. The opponent actually mucked his cards over the line the dealer took his cards and Added them to the muck pile.
The player called over the floor who obviously knew the floor from somewhere else. They knew each other by first name. Floor workers a pit bosses know each other from casino to casino. It's a small industry. Opponent then proceeds to whisper his cards into the floors ear. The floor then proceeds to take the opponents cards out of the Mark flip the cards over an award the pot to the opponent that had already folded his hand.
I was livid. Are you surprised that I wasn't arrested it was at least a $900 pot. The floor tried to claim that the dealer never release the cards out of his hand and put them in the Muck even though they were folded and the dealer was starting to shove me the pot.
Security run the camera back and confirm that the bonus cards were folded they worth put into the Mark and he was about to ship the pot.
I was so upset that I wrote a complaint to the gaming commission and the internal tribal commission on how it was handled. I received a formal response was zero compensation.
The poker room the den did then change the rule to state once the cards are in the dealers hand they are dead. Never been so blown away or a palled on how somebody was handled so unprofessionally.
The one bright spot of the whole situation was the tremendous amount of support I received from the regular players that were just as upset when the call as I was. Many players stated just as I had they had never seen anything like that in the 20 or 30 years and they been playing poker.
Confirm the prior gentleman's post. The rulings are and unethical at best.

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