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Jhp wrote a review about Muckleshoot Casino in Auburn, WA

Horribly Run Room

For context, I'm a regular 3/5 player who's been here for many years. The reason I'm still playing here is that there is really no other option for spread limit.

Dealers: The one star/chip goes to the dealers. For the most part the dealers here range from average to exceptional. Sure, they aren't all perfect and they are human and make mistakes. But overall, it's a good group.

Floor/Management: Absolutely horrible. My three biggest complaints are:
1) A total lack of consistency on rulings. Depending on who is called over to the table (and what kind of mood they are in), you'll get completely different decisions for the exact same ruling request.
2) Poor table management. I, along with many other seasoned players, are regularly baffled by the decisions that are made regarding table management. This includes everything from opening new games to managing must-moves, to something as simple as staffing enough dealers on days you know will be busy. There are far to many examples to list, but every single regular player I've discussed this with agrees that table management is very bad here.
3) Horrible promotions. Raised the promotion drop by $1 a while back. Then proceed to have one of the most confusing high hand schedules ever created. Even the dealers couldn't keep things straight. Now, to compensate for the that, they simplified the schedule, which is good, but they are giving away most of the high hand money when? From 9am to 12pm. No one plays poker at 9am. Why not use the jackpot rake to pull people in during competitive hours - evenings and weekends? A 9am high hand payout just takes money from the regulars who play at night and gives it away to the one to two 4/8 table that may be running at 9am. That one table is going to get $300/hr in high hand money. Meanwhile, at night, 8-15 tables have to share $200/hr in high hand money. Not only is this a slap in the face to regulars who pay the drop, but it doesn't make any sense in terms of marketing and pulling players from places like Fortune. Shouldn't you have your promotions that will attract people to come to your room at times when people actually play poker?

All of this adds up to a room that is managed horribly and treats their regulars like garbage. And as any good manager knows, the regulars are the ones that keep the room alive.Many regulars have commented to management about these issues and we are ignored. Muck gets away with this because they're the only real option for spread limit in the area.

Food/Service: Eh. For the price, the food is decent if you order the right thing. But ask for service about 1 hour before you want to eat. We regularly wait 20+ minutes just to get a server over to the table. This includes slow nights when there are 6 or so tables running. I won't hold this against the poker room, though since they have little control over service and food.

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Jhp wrote a review about Muckleshoot Casino in Auburn, WA


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