The room is just off the main casino floor near the sports book. It is a bit smokey at times. However the chairs were comfortable, everything was in good shape although not gaudy. Wish there were a few more TVs.

Mix of solid players, regulars (not necessarily good) Asian chasers and drunks, but the convention crowd had several who knew what they were doing. I suspect I hit the place when the competition was a bit tougher than normal.

The dealers I saw were full of personality, kept a good banter with the players, and handled game issues without fault. Always asked the players for their players card. Great attitudes.

Drink service was frequent and efficient. Good looking servers with excellent attitudes and hot outfits. I just had my normal water but many were getting Heinies and Makers Mark.

List was managed well, chips handled well, and they did an excellent job of answering questions for couple of newbies, while advertising the promotions.

Total Rewards with Food Comps at $3/ an hour in the wee hours.

Promotions and Comps
Food and Drink

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