Great Fields,
Registration for Tournaments used to be 11 stations to register now down to 7 with 4 open while I waited 2 hours, who ever set that up should be fired it was a joke.

25k and 5k chips were very hard to tell across table I saw many mistakes , Amazon Room was worse the pavilion because of lighting you have 5 or chips on table at ontime why are 2 red? come on use microsoft word its not the only place, wynn, redrock, venetian all have similar problems.

Commutation about how many players and how many left was non existent
Overall the worst start i've ever seen at a tournament, like they had no clue how many to expect or a plan they moved start times, dinner break added levels clueless that they were doing ,so unlike past experience.

It starts at the top and needs to change it was a JOKE

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Food and Drink

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