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aeropanther wrote a review about Fortune Poker Room in Renton, WA

Best action for NLH Cash Games in Greater Seattle

If cash games is what you are after, it is hard to find a room which has more options than Fortune in the entire greater Seattle area. Location is convenient, parking can be an issue, and the food is great with 50% discount if you play. Clean place, well run and efficient. But collusion among regular players and their obvious attempts to constantly table change and sit change to get position on fish are going to eventually bring this business down.

On a weekend action becomes more fun, so here are the common player types you will encounter at Fortune on a weekend:

GRINDER ( usually Korean ) - they start with a short stack, wait for premium hands, and shove from in position. They all know each other and try not to sit at the same table with each other. They also seek position to a lose player or a recreational player with a deep stack, so they could profitably shove their short stack. They often pretend they dont speak English.

NIT ( usually a retiree ) - a typical guy who plays only premium hands and has difficulty folding, even when the board is draw heavy by the river. To win, wait until you make a set on the flop and go all-in, they will always call.

MANIAC ( usually working at a nearby tech company ) - can be either white (20%) or Indian (80%). These guys will raise, 3-bet and 4-bet with any 2 cards to make you fold or go heads up with a weak opponent. It is not uncommon to see them going all-in preflop with AKo, AQo, 22+ for $300 stack. You beat them by seeing cheap flops and betting reallyt big for valule, or shove KK,AA preflop as a re-raise even for 100BB, they will likely call with AK, AQ, 99+.

A WOMAN - they usually play TAG, play with a range skewed toward premium hands, and can be tricky. They can be too tight sometimes, will fold to a river bluff-shove. You beat them by bluffing and raising on later streets.

REG-SHARK - you identify those by the size of their stack, usually it will be massive. They sit and wait for a hand to stack you, as they dont play many hands, but they will observe how you play and what your particular weaknesses are, then they will try to get position on you and either blow you off your hand when they bluff IP, or they will stack you when they have a premium holding and you don't fold your set/2 pairs/top pair. These guys start at noon and leave at 4 am, and are patient. My advise is to have them on your right and not to play many hands against them, you can't beat the shark if you are fish. Instead, you can observe how they play and learn.

COMMON GAMBLER - these guys come in all shapes and sizes, but one distinctive characteristic of their play is that they like open-limping or over-limping pre-flop and chasing every draw, event gut shots. They will call any bet size with the draw, but then give up on the river if they miss. You beat them by shoving with a top pair QQ+, 2 pair or set on the flop: they will often call with their draws and miss.

Fortune is a great place for cash games, but it is essential that you come at days when there is a big non-shark to shark ratio. Also, forget the tournaments - not worth your time 15 min level unlimited rebuy $55 turbo: it was not uncommon to see 4+ people all-in at one hand in later levels when the stacks are shorter.

Conclusion: Fortune is your premiere destination for cash games on weekends, but be prepared to lose 3 stacks in your first hour there, because action can get really wild. Look elsewhere for tournaments.

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