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FireDawg2358 wrote a review about Fortune Poker Room in Renton, WA

It's a poker room... meh!

I'm a semi-pro winning player logging about 120hrs cash and 3000+ hands online. I have lived in the Seattle area most of my life but I frequently go to Vegas and random poker tour stops to grind.

I was excited when Fortune opened bc it was closer to my house than all the Indian casinos and it looked good.

Pros: Food and cleanliness. Calling stations. Attentive food service attendants. Promos.

- Colusion is real! The players try to hide it but they're not that good at it and I've seen a few things in my time. (Soft playing, card tapping, hand gestures, etc.)
- Dealers. They try but often times they miss things (missing a chop pot, miss dealing the hole cards, bringing the river before the action is complete, not counting out the bet=not getting the player calling to put in the proper amount into the pot, killing hands incorrectly, not wanting to show the table an exposed cards)
- Safety. Parking lot is moderately lite up but no security is ever seen. I only bring two bullets with me and find a couple of people to walk out with after a session.
- Management. House rules constantly vary with dealer and floor boss. Line rule, string bets, verbal declarations, mis-deals, etc.

I have been profitable here but there are too many negatives for me to frequent this room. Promotions are good but they don't offset the extreme negatives in this room.

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Bodey wrote a review about Fortune Poker Room in Renton, WA


They don't allow the word @#$%. Staff is over zealous grumpy/over worked. Players are meh. Food is great. Speed... Read More