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Unlvrobo wrote a review about Hard Rock Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV

Nobody is perfect.

Pros : Beautiful room, great seats, kept clean, good music, cute girls actually playing no limit. Cons: the smoke in the lobby creaps to the tables, staff doesnt know how to change the TV stations and its a mystery to know how much the jackpots are

Its been a tale of two cities, at the 1-2 tables there are have been 7-8 locals sitting around with action tight, or 3-5 bonehead players making bonehead plays using the unlimited rebuy option to their advantage. Dealers and staff playing is quite prevelent

The new dealers are trying not to mess up and will get better with time, the experienced ones that they hired are above average and will rarely misread a hand or turn cards up while pitching...... Floor is rarely called over.... It is very annoying when the dealer does not call out the Hard Rock Straddle.

Lets see here, No blender drinks, $3 for a red bull, no Fiji water, but most the girls are timely and they have to walk only 19 and half steps to get the drinks

Friendly and efficient. I think Terra Mia is hot.

Dollar a hour at 1-2 NL. Good anywhere inside the Hard Rock. Full menu available with delivery to the tables. The high hands are typical, but you have no idea how much the jackpots are until you hit. This is annoying !!!

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