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iPokerVaJJ wrote a review about Lucky Chances in Colma, CA

Better than nothing

Considering how much this place rakes in, they sure now how NOT to spend it wisely (hence the 1 rating for management).

Atmosphere wise, it's not a classy looking place at all. Place smells like food since food service is avail for players, so imagine years and years of cooking absorbed into the carpet, walls, and chairs.

Speaking of chairs, while most poker rooms around the bay have nice chairs with adjustable seats, the chairs at Lucky Chances are the worst! Even Bart has newer/cleaner chairs than LC! The ones at LC are like old-@#$% fabric chairs one would find in a restaurant waiting area. Want to "adjust" the height? Just grab a just-as-filthy cushion and sit on it!

Not too long ago, the establishment probably overspent $400k worth of new flat screens most people don't pay attention to anyway. One would think a pretty penny like that would be better spent in decent chairs for their players?!

As for the @#$% wall art, I don't want to know how much they paid, but chalk that one up as "wasted" too.

As for competition it's good training grounds to hone your skills. Phil Laak and Antonio Esfandiari played here early in their careers. Neil Blumenfield is also a tourney regular here.

You get all spectrum of donkeys to pros, so if you can profit at LC, you can definitely profit most places around nor cal.

Tournament is good too. Tourney every day (in the mornings) and guaranteed $8k/$4k every Sun/Sat. Every last Sunday of the month is a nice $20k guarantee. Battle of the Bay and Gold Rush tourneys also draw in large cash pools.

Dealers and staff are always nice and accommodating.

Promos are always changing, but it's not as generous as it used to be. Their "rack attack" promo occurs during short windows of time and used to be $500 (for the 3/5 game) and now it's $300. Their Bad Beat jackpot qualifications used to be any 4 of a kind beaten, but now it's quad 7s or better. Other promos too like Aces cracked or Royal flush, but I forgot the hours and details for those.

I give LC a rating of 2 because they have the potential to be so much better, and attract more players, but they either don't know how or don't want to. Doesn't matter for the owners I suppose, as long as their pockets are full. Such a shame too.

More people would flock to LC if they focused more on looking and smelling like a Vegas style poker room (take notes from Matrix and Graton)! Just like the movie Field of Dreams, "if you build it, they will come." The alternative is that LC operates as it always has been, and gradually, less and less people come as they would rather go to newer poker rooms.

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