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luckyguy209 wrote a review about Lucky Chances in Colma, CA

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I played here for the first time. Hoped into the 3/5 NLHE and bought in for the $1000 cap. The players were mostly gamblers chasing down lots of draws for not much equity. And sprinkled on each table were obvious techy/semi-pros. The play was of typical Bay Area cardroom styles. What impressed me the most was the freaking promotions they payout. I saw on one of their digital signs that they paid $412,000 in December. When I play in the bay area, I would always go to San Jose @ M8trix or 101. Lucky Chances and the San Jo casinos all drop the same which is $6 - $7. Which is a lot, but it's California rates. But, at Lucky Chances at least the players get a lot of that back in Jackpots & Promotions. I hit a "Lucky High Hand" for AAA/KK and won $300 with only 1 of my hole cards playing. They could improveme on food service, but the promos and jackpots hella make-up for this. Try the filipino breakfast from their cafe tho, super fire!

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