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rayrommy wrote a review about Lucky Chances in Colma, CA

typical Bay Area card room

This is your typical low level card room not as nice as Bay 101 and Matrix in SJ but does the job if you just want a place to play cards. Obviously I prefer graton but that's an hour and a half drive up north and I live 5 minutes away. Everything here is pretty run down but most of the dealers do their job well here and floors usually make the right decisions when called. Players here are your typical low stakes players with a few semi pros and nits sprinkled around who you know to avoid. Hard to bluff here unless you're in a hand against someone that can lay down a hand and actually think about what you can have. Everyone plays straight forward most of the time if you're lucky you'll have that one player on your table that is spewing and bluffing every hand. But that's if you're lucky. A lot of Mexican standoffs here also. The players that are supposed to show their hand never show their hand and wait for the other to show because they don't want to show. Usually if they're a rec I'll just show but if they are an obvious semi pro or nit I will make them show. Drop is $7 but that's your usual California rates

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