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pokertraveler wrote a review about Lucky Chances in Colma, CA

Ton of Guarantees

Was out in the Bay Area recently and decided to finally check out Lucky Chances. I'd seen the ads but hadn't made the time to swing by yet. Honestly, I was pretty surprised what I'd found.

The room itself is very nice. Pretty cool they have underground parking so you feel pretty safe. And the staff really does a nice job keeping the room looking great.

Really liked the diner - Cafe Colma. Had a very diverse menu which is great for the steady players so they aren't eating the same stuff all the time.

I think what I liked best is all the daily tourneys have a guarantee. It really does draw a lot of players and it's not often you see every daily tourney guaranteed to this extent. Sundays usually carry a five-figure guarantee. So you get some pretty deep fields that you wouldn't get at other casinos.

So I had a pretty good weekend playing there. Cash games had some nice jackpots too. They do a lot to keep the room moving. Would have liked to have seen other variants - I'd think they could support them but ah well.

Overall, nice place and liked it!

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