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PolskaPaddy wrote a review about Luxor Casino in Las Vegas, NV

2/4 Limit Hold'em @ Luxor

Just a railed off section in the casino- nothing special, smoke, music, noise from casino all make their way in.

Alot of people drinking, playing junk, a few decent players, but overall easy.

I really have to search to say anything nice about these dealers. They were rude to new players, rude to just about anybody. One dealer was spacing out and watching a tv rather than keeping her head in the game. They are one of the reasons I would never return to this 'room'.

Alright on looks but horrible on service. You had to order, then as she came around with the tray you would have to remind her what you had and even that you ordered something to begin with. Thats her job not mine- again, not impressed at all.

I did not deal with management so I can not really say anything for or against them.

Did not ask about comps, if there were jackpots they were not made know to players- the way the dealers were, if you asked they would probally bite your head off.

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