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MedusaManiac wrote a review about Luxor Casino in Las Vegas, NV

A quick 2-4 session at the Luxor

A fair amount of tables, and a relatively reasonable wait time make this a nice room. Friendly hosts, as well as the fact this room is a bit off the beaten path of the main casino helps keep the area a bit quieter as well.

I would not say the competition here is "tough" by any means as I am still a rlatively new player and I was more then able to hold my own in a 2-4 game winning numerous pots. I did however, see much less people calling with low pairs after raises, or staying in on draw beyond the turn and river after big raises then I saw at Bally's or the Imperial Palace.

Dealers here were simply average; I didn't find that they did anything above and beyond to liven up the games, but most knew their stuff at the same time as well. One dealer did misread my Ace-high flush hand as simply Ace-high, but it was corrected; no big deal.

Service here is just ok. Not as fast as Bally's, but not slow either--just average.

They were friendly and kept their room under control.

I didn't get anthing, but I only played for about 2.5 hours. I have heard if you play more then 10 hours within a specific range of time, you can qualify for special hotel room rates.

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