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dellitoso wrote a review about Luxor Casino in Las Vegas, NV

An underrated little gem

With 14 tables in total, I found everything to be in great condition. There are new plasma screens on the walls, the quality of the felt and cards is excellent, and the lighting is subdued enough that you won't feel like you're going to get a sunburn like at other over-lit rooms. It's actually a very comfortable place to play, and players are usually friendly, as there is a festive atmosphere and the nearby lounge provides live music at night.

I've been playing at the Luxor for a long time now, and I can tell you it is an unknown secret in the poker world. The players are often new to the game, the 2/4 game is very loose, and a LOT of money gets poured into the 50-buy NL game. A large majority of the players are highly unskilled and many don't seem to understand even the basics of the game. Furthermore, the Luxor is the second-largest hotel in the country, and as such there are always plenty of tables going during the day and at night.

I mostly play at night and I enjoy greatly the quality and professionalism, as well as the good-natured spirits, of the graveyard crew. They are some of the most likeable dealers I've ever come across, and save for a few exceptions, almost all are very good dealers.

I have no complaints, and the service seemed to be timely.

Everyone is competent and friendly. The floor people are well-versed in the rules and provide players with printed sheets explaining the various tournaments offered (of which there are many). The games offered are 2/4, 3/6 and 4/8 limit, and $50 and $100 buy-in NL games, as well as a hi-lo stud game.

For 15 hours of play, you qualify for two different weekly freerolls (which are often just cash give-aways in amounts ranging from $40 to $80 per person). There are also high-hand and ticket tournaments weekly, free events where players compete in cash games for the highest hand ($1100 in prizes are awarded) and for the most pots won (ticket tourneys). Both events last about 4 hours. The room is known to a group of faithful locals who turn out for these events every week.

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