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Pancake wrote a review about Luxor Casino in Las Vegas, NV

Average in most respects

The room at the Luxor is a small railed-off area off the main casino, near the north entrance from the north tower/Excalibur. There is a lot of foot traffic passing by outside, and it can be a bit noisy. The room also is a bit cramped with something like 10 tables.

In the 2/4 game the players were as one would expect, especially at a strip casino. There was a mix of halfway decent players and some clueless people. There were more decent players than I expected, so play was a bit tougher than some other places I was at.

The dealers seemed ok, except for one who royally messed up a hand at the final table in the torurnament I was in. (After the flop she mucked all the cards, forgetting to do the turn and river... one player was all-in. Luckily, both players just agreed to split the pot and forget about it.)

There was a new cocktail waitress constantly hovering around the tables. She was clearly new to working the poker room as she was hesitant to interrupt the play to ask for drinks, and the room manager was explaining to her to ask for drink orders while the dealer was shuffling. I gave her the benefit of the doubt, though - not only was she @#$% cute but she did a good job and brought drinks quickly once she mustered the courage to take orders.

I was seated quickly in the 2/4 game when I arrived. When I played in the morning tournament, they ran things competently until near the end, when we were down to the final table. At that point the management seemed preoccupied with the ring games and wasn't really paying attention to the round timer for the tournament. I think as a result we went over time on one or two of the rounds. Not a huge mistake, but they should have been more attentive.

I wasn't aware of any comps (or lack thereof) so I can't really say.

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