the room is pretty small. the tables are kind of close together and i don;t like that. also with non adjustable seats, it doesnt feel good to be here long term

even though i lost all my money playing in the tournments,(don't even bother trying the cash games with $50 max buy in its impossible to playn against people with $500!) i felt that my biggest problem was luck. i never won a showdown and was outdrawn each time i was all in. i felt very good with my decisions. I split a pot with the nuts one hand, shows you how the poker gods liked me that day. but, long term i deffinitly would make a profit.

i liked these dealers. they were friendly and took time to help the newbies follow the rules. i dont remember any misdeals

i seriously onlt remember seeing one cocktail waitress there during the 5 hours i played at luxor. i also didnt pay attention, so this gets a three

these guys knew thier stuff, they helped me get into tournments quickly and explained things discreetly. good management

again, didnt pay attention. i remember hearing about a bad beat jackpot though

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