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Raise This wrote a review about Luxor Casino in Las Vegas, NV

Bad decision

Too bad. A class act like the Luxor should have a jam up poker room. I guess they figure the floor space is better served by machines that make money and don't require bennifits.

Lots of sheep, lots of wolves. If you can tell who is who you should chisel out the nut here.

Wide spread of tallent, a couple good ones. Only 2 I saw that appeared really interested. The others are just getting throughh the night. I gather it's not the most pleasant working environment.

Decent, until they go on break. Then it's tap water from the sink.

A very unpleasant situation arose during a small 2/4 game that I think adequately reflects the management skills (or lack of them). I was seated in seat 5 as the dealer hit the player’s hand in seat 4, flipping the second card and exposing it. 7 of clubs. The dealer called for the card, but the player was insistent on keeping it, saying “it's O.K., I'll keep it" repeatedly as the dealer repeated that she needed the card back. After the third exchange, she gave up and started the round of betting. When it was his turn, (I am the big blind next to act), he raises. I looked at the dealer and asked for the floor person, feeling confident a re-deal would be ordered. The floor lady shows up, a huge woman right out of a third world prison movie, casually listens to the dealer explain the situation, and apparently without afterthought, says the most ignorant sentence I have heard since third grade. "The player has the right to play his hand any way he wants to... He can flip his hand up if he wants to." The obvious error was the fact that KEEPING AN EXPOSED CARD IS NOT AN OPTION. Flip your hand up if you like, theses are two separate issues. I let it go, but want to let the world know what to expect if a ruling is needed in a giant no limit pot. My recommendation is to trim a few sheep here in the little games, but gamble seriously elsewhere.

Sucker comps. They take a dollar from the pot and pay 20 dollars for QUADS. Bad beat is a thousand, but it's not progressive. I'm sure they are cleaning up on this one. Food comp is a 4 dollar coupon off the 20 dollar buffet, which is worth $12.95.

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