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bullets83 wrote a review about Luxor Casino in Las Vegas, NV

Beautiful casino brutal poker room atmosphere

The room or area is off in it's own little corner but attracts quite a bit of traffic because it leads to some shops and escalators. But for it has a good Poker feel and a good spread of games.

Most of the charecters that I ran into I couldn't truly give a fair review on their poker skills and ethics. A times I felt as though I was playing against Johnny Walker and Jack Daniels because of the heavy alcohol consumption but that's Vegas. To be honest the players were weak at best but to be fair I must say that I would assume that when sober they wouldn't chase as many hands.

The dealers were great, they were on top of every hand and they constanly announced to the table how many players were left in each hand. I never caught one mistake and I was sober.

The servers were at the tables quite often as they must pass beside the room to get to the kitchen area where the drinks are prepared. The frequent appearances of the servers were great for Johnny and Jack but a little annoying for me. Unfortunately with every drink they get louder and louder and change from Johnny Walker into Doyle Brunson or Chris Moneymaker. As for the server's looks, I don't understand why people comment on what the server's look like because I'm sure they aren't too impressed with the looks of most of these WSOP hopefuls.

The tournament structure isn't the greatest, it's set up in a make or break format. You start with 250 in chips or 300 for an extra $3, blinds start at 15-25 and are raised every 15 minutes, so it's fast and furious. Management could come up with a better tournament structure but other than that the staff was very good. They don't allow anyone to just barge in and hang around at the tables, you are immediately directed to the reception desk and asked to state your purpose.

The overall comps on you One Club card are pretty darn good and if your playing enough Poker you can easily get your room comped by weeks end.

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