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flintsword wrote a review about Luxor Casino in Las Vegas, NV

Cosy & competent

The room was great and they have an active tournament at 10am that is fun, with the dealers getting into the spirit of the event, despite the lower tip profile of dealing for tournaments.

I found the players to be pussycats, about 50%+ tourists out to have some fun. To their credit the local rocks were a little extroverted.

With the exception of the dealer that commented on the tournament tip, they were great. Few tourist know that tournaments are work with lower tips for dealers, so when a dealer makes an off-the-cuff comment such as "we share the tip between all the dealers" to me when I tipped $5 after wining 3rd prize of $54 on a $40 buyin is an idiot. Aside from that incident, the other dealers were fun and engaging. After that comment, instead of staying and playing for a few hours, as I usually do after a tournament, I decided to leave.

Nothing outstanding but good and regular.

I was wandering around and they took the time to engage me in conversation and give me literature. That decided me to make the tournament. Great people!

I did not play enough to really get a feel for it, but they had some sort of competition on. I played in the tournament, and after the tip comment by the dealer, decided to go to another room.

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diver wrote a review about Luxor Casino in Las Vegas, NV


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