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Blue_avp wrote a review about Luxor Casino in Las Vegas, NV

Decent room for NL

They've moved the room to a new area. Its a little more secluded now but the decor and general atmosphere it pretty bland.

This is a pretty soft game and if you don't get overly pushy you'll get paid off on your hands. I'm not sure if the people were locals or not but nobody at my NL table impressed me. No need to be tricky, just play ABC poker and you'll get paid.

CP and Danny are pretty entertaining. Otherwise no one stood out.

Not really young or attractive. At least not the night I played there.

There was a young guy behind me about my age trying to get change for a hundred and the manager wouldn't give him change without seeing an ID first. Not only is this retarded but he stopped dealing with me and stopped trying to seat me at a table to "enforce the rules" with this kid.

Dude can we focus on getting me a table first instead of carding some guy who's trying to break a hundred? Other than that I just saw the mgr (Harvey?) yapping with a million people and not being responsive to the dealers on high hands, etc.

Nice high hand hourly payouts. If your high hand holds up for an hour you get $150? Not bad.

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diver wrote a review about Luxor Casino in Las Vegas, NV


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