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BradyBunch18 wrote a review about Luxor Casino in Las Vegas, NV

Fast and Furious Play, value game if ever there was one

Crowded table. They play 11 to a table. I expected more from this tournament. The only tournament I played in where I felt like they wanted to crank the game faster and faster and get us out of there. I half expected to hear someone yell "Next!" and we'd all have to get up and leave.

With 11 at the table and starting with only 400 chips it seems like the players with the NUTS moved on and the rest had no time to bluff. I guess for $33 you get what you deserve. I think everyone had initial difficulty using 400 chips to start instead of 1200-4000 as most others do. Just trying too hard to be different and it threw more than one player off in early betting.

Solid bunch. They educated the lower end players and moved the higher ones along as well without being condescending. Best part of the tournament was listening to the dealers.

Nothing special. Too crowded and low key to get drinks quickly.

Some confusion on table changes. I had to get up twice and still never moved. Their mantra: Move along little doggies.

N/A tournament had nothing to offer.

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