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ewl2005 wrote a review about Luxor Casino in Las Vegas, NV

First time player, great experience

This was my first visit to a poker room at any casino. I found the room to be well laid out with plenty of room for all players, even when all tables were full. I am a large person (5x) and was not crowded at any point during my 17+ hours of play. The desk was easy to access and the room was conveniently located near restrooms as well as a sundry store for incidentals.

I don't have any other rooms to compare to. This was my first time in a poker room and I have only been playing online about a week before I went. I thought that there was a good blend of experienced players as well as newbies. I felt that there were several people at tables with me who played much worse than I did despite having been playing longer. All in all, I ended up about even after 17+ hours.

I thought all of the dealers did a fantastic job. I did not see any mistakes made. All of the dealers were very congenial and very helpful to new players. They made everyone feel welcome at the table. They were kind enough to point out errors in play (betting out of turn, checking vs folding, etc) wihtout making the player feel awkward about the mistake.

I thought the cocktail waitresses were very friendly and very efficient. They came around at least 3 times per hour and were prompt in bringing drinks back out. While I did not notice any stand out beautiful waitresses I did not see any unattractive ones either, about average for any casino I have been in.

I thought the room was managed very well. Every time I came in, someone was quick to ask what I was looking for and quick to accomodate the request. I did have to wait a couple of times, but normally this was for enough players to arrive to form the game I was looking for. The managers were great about explaining how the room worked and how the comp system worked. As a new player, I was made to feel very welcome. This experience has made me want to return to the Luxor again and continue playing poker.

The primary comp that I earned was the poker rate on my room (25% discount), which required 5 hours of play for each day I was there. In the morning hours (8-9am) donuts were served in the poker room as well as drinks all day long. There were bonus dollars paid out for high hands. My friend almost lost the bonus for having a royal flush because he didn't want to show his cards (everyone else folded out). The dealer pointed out that if he had the royal but didn't show the cards he would lose a $100. I thought that was admirable on the dealers part to go the extra step to make sure my friend got his money.

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