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patty98 wrote a review about Luxor Casino in Las Vegas, NV

Good games...bad room.

The room itself was a bit too cozy for my liking. Nothing really special at all.

Definitely the high point of the room. Very soft competition, notably at the 1-2 NL table. Patience is a virtue, but when you get that chance, it's a licence to print much as you can at a 1-2 NL table anyway. The limit tables were pretty standard weak competition as well, with the usual warning for players chasing to the river.

Not great, not bad. The late night dealers were pretty slow, however they did have a good sense of humour and were fun to chat with.

Drinks every 20 min or so. Waitresses were average looking, but with the plethora of talent continually walking past the room there was still plenty of eye candy.

Slow, poorly organized and at times rude when busy. Had an issue with a cancelled tourney. Tables were full with live games so I understand they have the right to cancel them to take more rake, but don't postpone registration times over and over before comitting to a cancellation. Upon complaint of this, was actually told we dont have time to deal with this right now, sorry. Nice apology. Way to keep your clientelle happy.

Not sure. Was never informed of any rating program or anything, and when I inquired about One club card usage was told they didn't take them. How the @#$% do you get rated then? Bonus jackpots were weak at best. $100 for a Royal flush? I know the highest limit was 4/8, but come on.

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