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pjfriendly wrote a review about Luxor Casino in Las Vegas, NV

Great Fun for a First (and then Second) Timer

I was looking for a comfortable (i.e., nonintimidating, friendly, relaxed) room to make my live poker debut, and Luxor was - as advertised in past reviews - just that. Played two sessions - midnight to 2 am Thursday and six to ten pm Friday - and enjoyed myself.

Hard for me to say as a new player, but clearly some experience and some inexperienced players at both my sittings. Not hard-core though; the experienced players w

Few screw-ups (I recall two misdeals, one clearly the dealer's and the other a player picking up wrong card, over five hours play), and most had personality and humor. A few were just 'there' dealing but not much interacting, while others were clearly having fun with the table.

No complaints here. Nice-looking but not knock-outs, decent drinks served pleasantly and promptly. Never had to wait over-long for a drink as it's a small room, I played when it was pretty quiet, and it didn't take long for drinks to arrive.

No complaints. I was surprised that the manager seemed to remember my name after a single sitting, when I returned a day and half later. They seem to work long hours as I wandered by a lot and seemed to always see the same people.

Not much experience to compare against, but nothing special. The poker room didn't use the One card that slots and table games use to build comp points. At the suggestion of a fellow player I requested a food comp after a three hour sitting and got a $4 discount without hassle. Free drinks of course, which I took advantage of (at $1 chip tip per, still a deal). Our table had two quads which took $20 high hand bonuses.

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diver wrote a review about Luxor Casino in Las Vegas, NV


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