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nosaint26 wrote a review about Luxor Casino in Las Vegas, NV

Great Staff, typical games

It's not as "upscale" as Bellagio, Mirage or MGM's rooms but it's pretty clean. There's even a magazine rack with free copies of Card Player mag to read while you're waiting on your game.

There were some players there who didn't have a clue but on Friday night there were more players who knew how to play.

The dealers were really cool. That's one reason I kept going back while I was there. They are professional yet friendly and helpful to those who needed it. Of three nights there, I only saw two hands redealt. They will be the reason I go back.

I had to wait I'd say an average of 15 or 20 minutes after I ordered to get my drink. I only played after midnight (Wed-Fri) so it's not like they were extremely busy. Waitresses were okay to look at. :)

Got me in the game I wanted, held a seat for me to go get more money from the ATM (lol), even remembered my name on the second night from the night before.

Didn't ask. I hear there's a free breakfast in the morning before the 8:30 tourny but didn't stay long enough to find out.

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