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Bobcat11 wrote a review about Luxor Casino in Las Vegas, NV

Had a blast and won some $$$

I really enjoyed the overall quality of the room, it was decent but not superb. It was in good condition for a "room." I didn't like how 2 of the sides were roped off but beggars can't be choosers. The atmosphere was lively for a Tues/Wed/Thurs night with mostly full tables.

I consider it a beginner's room. I only sat at one "tough" table for 1/2 NL and even then there was money to be made. From my experience there were too many bluffers and calling stations so adjust your game accordingly.

Overall every dealer I experienced was excellent with only 1 mistake being made in the 3 nights I played here. And it only occurred when the dealer dealt one too many cards to one end of the table and had to re-deal so not that big of a problem. I was concerned with the lack of dealers on hand at night though. Wednesday and Thursday night I played in the 1 AM single table tourney but both were delayed about 30 minutes each night because of lack of dealers. Around 10:30 PM Wednesday night there was a list of 9 for 1/2 NL but no dealer for this either so I had to play elsewhere for a little while and come back.

Didn't see any lookers during my hours in the poker room but they were lightning quick to bring me another drink before mine was even done.

Very well managed room. Stayed on top of the list but I do blame them for not having enough dealers on staff for during the middle of the week.

Not sure about the comps in the poker room, I'm not very smart and always forgot to give them my card. But the high hand jackpot is pretty sweet. Every hour they give the highest hand of that hour $150 just like that. Only have to have a boat to qualify.

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