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FISHFINDER44 wrote a review about Luxor Casino in Las Vegas, NV

Had Fun Made Money Friendly Game

Kind of dark in the majority of the room. The morning tournament was a bust. Many players, but I did not know about the first hour being LIMIT. Only 300 in chips to start and blinds start at 15-25 and up every 15 mins. I liked the min max $50 buy in for the sit in 1-1-2 tables. Some locals, but mostly tourists. Some very loose play for the most part. If you play tight aggressive you will be fine.

Some new players and some locals. They do give lessons every afternoon then I think most people get in to some kind of game. I came across some calling stations at my table. Mostly I found that people were there to play cards and that was it.

Only one card turned over from the dealer. But other than that just no personality in any dealer that I had. Too bad because the table was pretty fun.

Good service. But nothing to write home about as far as looks.

Miss placed 2 players. Did not come around very often to check play at the tables. They were civil but by any means did not go out of their way to make you feel welcome.

I signed up for a players card but they do not swipe your card at the table like MGM. So I don't have any real data as far as comps go.

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