Not a bad room, but not a "room", this is just a railed off section of the casino. Being out in the open so to speak, it attracts many people passing by. The room has a comfortable and inviting vibe to the novice player. The tables and cards looked a bit worn. Not all of the tables have auto shufflers and the seats are of average quality.

Competition varies. There are many locals playing their weekly hours to take advantage of the great comps as well as many drunk tourists trying out the poker tables.

I played here on 5 different occasions and did not see too many mistakes. The dealers (for the most part) are friendly and talkative. If they hear you are a local, they play up the comps and get you to sign up.

Cocktail service was extremly quick during the few times I have played.

They make look grumpy, but they are actually very friendly and helpful. I busted out of the $50NL game and I was standing behind my boyfriend waiting to see if he wanted to leave. The manager immediatly pulled out a chair and told me I could sit while waiting for him. On other occasions they were quick to find me a table and escorted me to my seat with a friendly smile and a "good luck".
There were no issues while i was there that required the floor so I cannot say anything about their decisions or quick response time.

If you are a local there are some very nice perks. I am not 100% sure on the details, but if you can log in 15hours of play from tuesday to tuesday (tracked on an index card kept at the desk), you are guaranteed a $60 chop in their freeroll tourney that no one actually plays. I'm sure someone has better details than me. It's a nice little perk.

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