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serenitynow wrote a review about Luxor Casino in Las Vegas, NV

Long sessions at Luxor

Much as the description of the room is stated here, it is simply blocked off by ropes. They didn't have anything computerized which made it look amateurish. I liked the fact the restrooms were very close but the fact that there were many tables without auto shufflers made it really annoying. Thus the poor rating.

The players I played with very easy. Most people bought in with $100 or less while I always bought in for $200. The skill levels of the players was weak so you knew when they bet, they had something, when they checked, most times you could steal the blinds. This is why I stayed at this room more than anywhere else on the strip.

Some dealers were really annoying - confrontational at times - but most were decent.

Waitresses attractive??? They were all in their 40's and seemed to have done this for years. Drinks were fine - nothing out of the ordinary.

They got to know our names pretty well at the end of the week. Missing the computer system was frustrating - not sure where we were on the list.

Comps????What comps???We spent 24 hours in that poker room over the week and got nothing. We asked but nothing. For this reason alone, I won't be heading back to the Luxor. The high hand jackpot every hour wasn't bad but it was recorded on this little white board. No bad beat, tournaments were horrible, they took $4 every hand.

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