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Steeeeve wrote a review about Luxor Casino in Las Vegas, NV

Luxor is not the place for tourists

The room is tucked way in the back of the casino but very close to the bar. The lighting was dark and cramped although the tables were if fair condition with standard chairs. Nothing to get excited about either way.

I was at Luxor on a Sunday afternoon and evening. The table was mixed with both locals and tourists. Both seemed to stay in longer than they should have hoping for a good fifth street. What really made me mad was when I found out that there was a side tournament going on for locals. The tournament paid $500 to whomever won the most $30 and over pots during a length of time. What this meant was all the locals were raising before the flop and after the flop hoping to drive up a pot with questionable hands. They weren't necessarily playing for that hand but rather hoping to get lucky on the 4th and 5th card or buy the others out. If they were lucky then they could cash in on a big pot and get the ticket. Essentially, if they lost two or three hundred on bad bets but won enough big pots they could win the tournament. Very unfriendly to visitors. As for the locals, most were jags but there were a few good people.

I would never recommend this place to anyone!

Three out of the four dealers I had were terrible! One had two misdeals and two incorrect calls on who won the pot. Another was absolutely unfriendly (although there was a local "Kenny" at my table that drove everyone nuts).

I had a great waitress, I think her name was Jackie. She was very nice and looked good. I probably got my quickest drinks at this poker room.

Morons. As previously stated this place is unfriendly to visitors. They were sarcastic and rude to most of the non-locals and even of few of the locals. The tournament they through was clearly geared to pulling in more locals.

None that I could see except for this tournament that I couldn't get into as a tourist.

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