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BrunoThePug wrote a review about Luxor Casino in Las Vegas, NV

Middle of the road, but still above average

The Luxor's room is pretty average. It's not the largest, but it was still a good size. The look and feel was so-so. Like the rest of the casino it looks a little old and in need of some touch ups. New wallpaper and carpet would give the place a well needed upgrade. I wasn't there to look at the walls or floor, so overall it was fine. The tables looked a little worn and I noticed to chairs that didn't seem to match. Not the best tables, but certainly okay.

I played at a full table with about three loose college kids, three old guys who knew what they were doing and about three people who looked like they were just there to have fun. A couple of people caught some lucky cards on the river to make their draws, but there weren't any bad beats.

I played with a Russian guy named Nikolai who was a good dealer and quite funny. He knew what he was doing and was helpful to people who forgot to act and weren't sure of the size of the bet to them. Most importantly he was very thankful for the tips and made eye contact when saying thanks.

The waitresses weren't that good looking, there was one lady who must have been 65, but aside from that they were okay. I wasn't really there for the waitresses so I can't say I was paying much attention. Drinks were pretty quick given the number of people who were ordering.

The management was very friendly and helpful in getting people their chips and seated at the game of their choice. All in all everyone was nice and professional.

I personally didn't recieve any comps, however three people at my table got some high hand payouts due to straight flushes and four-of-a-kinds. The staff was quick with payout and didn't bother people with any unecessary details.

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