Nothing special maybe a bit on the subpar side

locals and fish. I guess the comps are pretty good. Many locals were dealers knew their names. The locals at my tables were pretty solid. The tourists were fish but in this game the fish were bitting everywhere. Calling a pot size bet on the turn just to fill their gut shot on the river. Seriously takes a lot of luck to win. Your in much better shape to go up vs one of the quality local players than a lucky fish.
You read very few reviews on here of were people admit to losing money. I lost $200 here. 60% on bad beats, a bit on being out played (dont play when you have been up 55 straight hours), and some at the end being on a small tilt.

a couple good, mix in with a lot of average, add in 2 really bad ones.

Around about once every 30 mins I'd say.

The one time a floor man was called over I totally disagreed with the ruleing. Basically it seemed like he just agreed with the local regular and the guy from Ohio was just SOL.
They skipped and sat another guy before me even though I had registered right before him.

I gave this a 4. I don't know for sure but the others at the table said it was closer to 5 compaired to the rest of the strip.

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