I have no problem with this room. I've seen smaller, and it is off to the side of the casino where people are actually leaving the casino so no real casino distractions.

There were some tough birds here. But I should have won. I finished 8th in my tournament out of 33. Yes they had 11 per table, and I don't have a chart for the first out of 11 positions. I didn't see very many weak players here, and some pretty strong ones.

I had a couple of very good dealers, and one dealer who didn't like me. The tournament format was structured limit for the first hour, and No Limit for the last. I was very unhappy at having to play structured and not no limit, and the dealer thought I was blaming her.

I saw the waitress there several times, although I had my own drink.

Good management...terrible tournament. Who's idea was it to come up with a limit tournament first hour and no limite the second. I could not protect my hands, and I was frustrated. I got down to one $25 chip, and quadrupled it with a K-10. Then I tripled up my $125 with an A-8o. My pair of 8s was good! I won another hand (terrible pre flop hands all tournament long), and made it to the final table somehow. I had $1100 in chips. The blinds were $400-$200, and everyone passed to me in the small bind. I went all in on a K-10 red, and the Big Blind called with 7-3 of clubs! I was a 62% favorite, but the bb drew an ace to complete a straight on the river, and I finished eight. That player chopped the money for first and second place. I easily should have placed (top 6).

I hear there is a good poker room rate at the Luxor.

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