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Pokercop wrote a review about Luxor Casino in Las Vegas, NV

Never Again

What room? It has turned into an "area" next to the sports book. Your best seperation from the rest of the casino is a stack of slot machines.

Still lots of fish there. The good players should be VERY obvious.

You will get some cool dealers who are willing to chat it up and then you get some jerks. Example was when a dealer misread the winner and the three people paying attention called him on it. I was not playing the hand, but knew what had happened. As an independent witness I told the dealer exactly what each player had, and who had won. His answer was "Don't mix up the cards next time"

Some days, the service is too fast. Most days, a long wait should be expected

This is why I am done with the Luxor. I have played at the Luxor and ONLY the Luxor for 3 years. However, three nights in a row I have been on a table that fell apart and there was no effort to keep it going or move players to other tables. The deal breaker though was when there were 2 full 2-4 limit tables and a group of 4 wanted to play. They started a new table when a 5th arrived and rather than be concerned with the tables that were already going strong, they filled the "new" table. My dealer announced we were down to 5 when the "new" table had 6. We never got another player and the "new" table was filled. To top it off... 3 different dealers were watching and thought it was as ridiculous as I did. For over 20 minutes we played 5 handed until I got up and quit. The floor managers answer was "give me 5 minutes."

Comps? Do they have comps?

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