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sbatten wrote a review about Luxor Casino in Las Vegas, NV

Never again

The room was a little dingy, but it didn't bother me. I wasn't there for the ambiance. The TVs were small and not placed well, so half of the players couldn't watch whatever was on. There was not a great selection of games. Only 3-6 limit and 1-2 nl all weekend. I was there for 2-5 nl because I called ahead and they told me it's usually available on the weekends. They were running small tournaments every couple of hours, but with the relatively high administration fee and low prizes you're better off playing blackjack.

I've been playing low stakes all over the east for years now and The Strip always, by far, has the softest games around. The Luxor is average for LV, but extremely easy when compared to some games in Florida, Mississippi, Missouri, Indiana, and Atlantic City.

I played for 20 hours over three days (working toward the poker player room rate) and think I met every dealer. Most were nice but a couple of guys brought down the average. One dealer called over the room manager and started complaining about the previous dealer and how the brush didn't fill chips the right way. It was in the midle of a hand and awkward for the players. On a few other occasions I overheard other dealers talking bad about each other. It was very unprofessional.

I challenge you to get a drink between 2 am and 11 am. I ordered a double scotch neat and it was cloudy and weak. I think it was a shot of scotch and a shot of water. The waitress didn't come back so I couldn't complain about it. A guy at my table had to go buy a bottle

I have never been around a ruder bunch of bosses. In fact, everyone working at Luxor seemed tired, old and grumpy. The room wasn't busy when I was there, probably for a good reason. There wasn't a line, but I still had to stand and wait a while for everything (seating, chips, comps, cashout).

Comps were the worst. The reason I was at Luxor, other than I hadn't stayed in the hotel before and wanted to try something new, was for the $5 meal comp after 4 hour of play and 20% off of your stay after 5 hour of play . Firstly, the tracking system is done with index cards, which the manager must write the time and date you start and the time you finish. Good luck finding a manger when you want one because nobody else can approve it. Secondly, the comp is either $5 for food after four hours of play -OR- %20 off your room after 5 hours, not both, even after 9 total hours per day. Thirdly, at check-out the front desk told me that my internet room rate was lower than the poker room room rate, so there was no discount. My play was all for naught. Serious players stay away!

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