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DC_Vegas wrote a review about Luxor Casino in Las Vegas, NV

No bang for your buck.

Poker room is small,cramped with tables, and has a poor layout. It is a "No Smoking" room, but in name only. While you can't smoke at the table, you can stand 10ft. away and puff to your heart's content.

Competition is about the same as other strip casinos with weak rooms. Mainly tourists with a few locals.

The two times I've been there I've had no issues with the dealers. Not the most personable lot, but they were doing the job fine.

Cocktail waitresses should be better looking for a casino the size of the Luxor. Drink service was sparse and slow.

I didn't speak directly with management other than to sign-up for their crummy tourneys. They use cheap (filthy) plastic poker chips for the tourneys and the tourneys are not designed to enhance your playing experience. The tourneys are designed to end as quickly as possible, so be prepared to go all-in with your first big hand or you'll be "blinded-out" quickly.

The only casino that I've played at over 20 hours and never recieved an incentive in the mail. They may have some comps but I really didn't pay much attention, I don't plan on playing there again.

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