Comfortable enough room. I think the chairs are comfortable and you have enough room at most tables. My only beef was that the cards just seem ... "old". It's weird.

A lot of drunken people and they keep bringing you the drinks. This would have been a lot better if I weren't drunk as well, so I'm rating myself as well, I guess.

Dealers were very friendly and seemed pretty knowledeable. A couple looked at some mucked cards, but it was a loose, fun game like that, so it wasn't a problem. Something I saw here that I've never seen anywhere else was one dealer -- Ronnie -- got done his shift, put on a sweater and sat right down in the game. That just seemed strange to me.

I don't think I ever finished a drink before the next one was there. You can't ask for better than that.

I'd go with average because they weren't really needed this night, but I shot it down one because I don't think I like a dealer playing a table in that room. I hate to harp on that, but it bothers me a bit.

I tried to present my MGM card, as they're supposedly an MGM property, but they don't do poker room comps on that. "Talk to re low payoffs.

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