just a cornered off part of the casino but awat from most of the noise, if there wasnt a band playing in the lounge, it had what i wanted games wise played 1-2 no limit, finishes up like 30 bucks first night. played 2-4 limit another 60 bucks down couldnt hit anything on flop.

some bad players in both limit and no limit doing alot of chasing and check calling. calling pre flop with sub par hands. a few good players here but no sharks i could see. met real nice people here

dealers were all skilled and most were talkative and friendly. cant think of any miss deals, played for a good 6 or 7 hours total

waitresses were pretty hot some not so much but came often and got orders right.

manager who was there the two nights i played (he was as bald and had glasses) was super nice and quick to get me into a game i didnt wait for a table more than two minutes.

didnt inquire

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