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SanDiegoMark wrote a review about Luxor Casino in Las Vegas, NV

Not the prettiest room, but the best room to play in

This is a great room - well run, personable dealers and great comps - what more could you ask for? A nicer looking room would be nice, but I'll take this well worn, friendly room any day.

It's far and away the best no limit game in town. Because the buy in is a flat $50, there are lots of people willing to line up $50 bills and watch them go. However, always be warned: the freerolls bring in a large contingent of regular players - they're tight and they're good. They come to augment their income on the fish - so if you don't know who the fish is at the table, it's probably you.

It's like the 3 bears - the dealers at the Luxor are "just right". They are probably the most personable dealers in town, they are most likely to try and get to know your name, and will always remember you every time you come into the room.

They serve the worst coffee and flat fountain soda. The cocktail waitresses try hard, but are overworked.

The guy who runs the poker room has been doing it for years. The managment is approachable, friendly and knowledgeable. The only downside is that some of the desk personnel aren't as conversational or willing to help. However, it's not unusual for rooms to be so busy that the staff don't have time to be helpful, so I'll forgive this.

Between the freeroll tournaments, the high hand bonus tournaments, the "ticket" tournaments and the extension of food vouchers and room rates to players makes this a great room for comps. The benefit per trip can be hundreds of dollars when the special room rate is taken into account.

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