This is by no means a luxury room, but then again it is not a smokey dinghy room either. The chairs are not all that bad, and even tho it is not a separate room, it is off to the side in such a fashion that is does feel secluded. They have rearranged it since I was here in Oct of 2005, and the host's desk is now up at the front of the poker room instead of in the back. This may make it less intimidating to those first time poker room entrants.

Depends on the game you are playing. My belief is that most rooms tend to vary from moment to moment as to they strength of the competition, and this one is not that much different. I would venture to say that you see more tourists playing in this room than you would some of the older casinos in town, or those that are more established as poker havens.

I have played this room several times over the last few years that I have gone out to Vegas, and several of the dealers are the same. Most of them are very friendly, and keep a good eye on the game, making sure that the game flows and the pots are correct and pushed to the correct person when the time comes.

I am not much of a drinker, but when I order water or coffee, it gets there pretty quick, and the ladies have been pleasant on the eyes the last few times I have been there.

Most of the guys running the room are far less friendly than their dealers, and sometimes give off the impression that the left hand is not sure what the right hand is doing.

They do offer some daily jackpots for high hands etc, but nothing extra-ordinary.

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