Room had a decent layout, plenty of room between tables, close to restrooms and close to valet parking.

Joined a 1/2 NL table with players that had been there awhile, one guy had over $1200 in chips. Had a horrendously bad run of ice-cold cards and busted out without much play. The $50 min-max buy-in is OK if you're joining a fairly new table, but not that great if you're starting out at a 10:1 shortstack compared to the rest of the table. The 1-1-2 blind structure is also a bad setup, not enough time between blinds if you need a break and costs another buck per orbit. I'd highly recommend a $50min-$200 max buy-in and a typical 1/2 blind structure. I won't play there again at the current structures. The players were a good mix of young chip-shufflers, fun tourists and more serious calculating players. The money was there for the taking, if only the cards would have showed up as well.

Kept the cards flying quickly and no obvious mistakes, seemed pleasant enough in the 2 hours I played.

Quick and pleasant, no mistakes.

This is a plus for an otherwise average room, very friendly and seemed to genuinely care about their job.

Typical $1/hr that I'm aware of.

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