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drumrckstr wrote a review about Luxor Casino in Las Vegas, NV

one night in luxor

small tables was bumping sholders with the guy next to me. I could not tell how anyone was playing because the table was so small

i say it was really soft table i played the 100 min 1/2 blinds and the 2/4 limit. I am a college student so I only had a 200 dollor bugget but if you have at least 200 for the no limit game and play tight you can make good money.

no miss deals or anything like that just they were verry snudy all they cared about was there rake. I think I played 3 hours and they only sayed 3 or 4 sentences to me.

they were there every 10 mins verry fast when you ordered something.

verry good verry organized I like how they had the guy in the frount asking if i need help instead of going to the director and asking myself what they offor

I don't really know I didnt ask.

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